Landscaper Marketing Case Study:


Lawn Care Lanarkshire as the name suggest are a Lawn Care company based in Lanarkshire. They specialise in all manner of works including; Grounds Maintenance, Sportsturf Maintenance, Decking & Paving, Fencing, Tarmac, Drainage, Driveways, Turf, Artificial Grass installation and Grass Cutting – plus Gritting in winter.

Owner, Gavin contacted me as he noticed a downturn in his business for the first time since he started 4 years ago. This is what we did and this is what happened…

What We Did

We started by working on the premise that one additional landscaping job per month comfortably pays for the marketing. Just one.

Last month Gavin had over 70 landscaping enquiries online alone (not including Maintenance or any of his other services!)

website design

Website Redesign

The starting point for Gavin’s website was one he designed himself using Wix.

We kept his logo but we built a new, professional looking website within an easy to use content management system.

This showcased all of the services that Lawn Care Lanarkshire provide, but most importantly the right information and the right calls to action – ones that actually convert.

Search Engine Optimisation

Gavin wasn’t getting any leads from search engines …at all.

First off was to get Lawn Care Lanarkshire top for terms like “Grass Cutting Lanarkshire”, which as you can see here – they are top of what’s called the 3-Pack (the first 3 main results you see on the map).

Once we establish these terms, proving to Google that the website is viable – we go broader in terms of area and more specific in terms of services offered.

seo in glasgow
social media management

Social Media Posting

Previously, Gavin was only posting now and again on social media – whenever he remembered.

At the moment: Relevant content and posting consistency is key. You need to post often enough that your followers are going to be engaged and the platforms are going to show you more often – so you must keep up that level of posting. This poses a problem for business owners as they’d rather be out doing good work than posting all day on their social media.

We take all the heavy lifting out of posting on social media by collecting all of your content, which in Gavin’s instance was; pictures of past and ongoing jobs, testimonials, industry related news, offers, featured products and services, GIF’s or videos we’ve created, competitions, calls to action …and so on.

We organise this content and we make sure to post on Gavin’s accounts every single day. The more this is done, the better results he gets.

Print Work

Despite the technologically focussed world we live in these days, we only care about what actually works, and in Lawn Care Lanarkshire’s case – several forms of print definitely still do.

Sometimes Gavin needs a flyer to go out in a local area he’s targeting, or a brochure he can take with him to homes when he’s quoting, or maybe a (deliberately) very simple proposal document that’s tidied up to reflect the standard of his work when speaking to a supermarket or a football club. We’ve got it all covered.

flier design
brochure design
simple proposal
business branding

Brand Identity

Initially Gavin liked his original logo, so we kept it.

Then we began tidying and refining the process of not just his social media, but everything to do with his marketing and how he delivered his message.

We also looked at which would be the most effective methods of marketing. A good initial strategy is to find out what is working well already for Gavin, but with just a few tweaks could make a big difference.

I say “Fancy Rarely Works” because fancy is usually a waste of time, unless you want to brag on the golf course about how much you spent on your branding and ignore your key customer base. So, we avoided fancy and focussed on Gavin’s work, but not taking the brand too seriously. This helped humanise Gavin’s company and showcase his personality.

(“Spreddie Mercury” was the winner of Gavin’s ‘Name Our New Winter Gritter’ competition) 


Logo Update

After a while, Gavin came to us with an idea to update his logo, rather than go for something completely different.

This was our solution, where the original idea was honoured. Gavin wanted to show more of his wife’s involvement, as they are a family run company. We recreated the text part of the logo to make it sharper, brought in characters that are more like Gavin and his wife, and kept the yellow lawnmower.

Bringing in new characters allowed them to be positioned in a variety of different ways, depending on the circumstances.

For example, in these two simple outside banners the characters can either ‘point’ somewhere, or in the second instance; have a football at their feet when talking about artificial grass.

“Too Much Work” ?

After a while, Gavin was getting so many leads that he couldn’t service them all efficiently.

Plus getting busier meant that if he had a time-waster it was doubly frustrating due to there only being so many hours in a day.

Gavin asked if we could develop some sort of form, where a potential customer could fill in their measurements, pick their materials and get a rough idea of cost right away based on some automated maths.

  1. The potential customer gets an email with the quote immediately along with Lawn Care Lanarkshire’s contact details.
  2. Gavin gets an email with the same details as well as the customers contact details, so he (or one of his team) can follow up.
  3. The lead goes onto his mailing list, where we can then email a regular newsletter to a list that we know:

a) Have a garden.
b) Are seriously interested in having that garden upgraded or maintained.

We can also encourage them to buy again or recommend their friends and family.

quote form creation design

(In the example above we click ‘Patio’, then a dropdown appears to select the material type. Once this is selected, a box then appears to enter the desired size required. Then the potential customer simply clicks the button for a quote that will be emailed directly to them.)

What Did Gavin Think?

“My marketing was all over the place; random posts on social media, throwing money at a website that didn’t really work – so I contacted Graeme for help. Wow.

He took over my social media, revamped my website and created ads to target the clients I wanted. Since Graeme revamped the website I’ve had more enquires than I did in the 4 and a half years of running it previously. On Monday we had 12 enquiries alone!

The weekly call that is part of the whole service is invaluable as it allows me to bounce ideas off an independent person outside of the business, but who also understands the workings of it …and if it’s rotten he’ll tell you!”

What’s Next?

All of this success was achieved without paid advertising. The next stage in the process was to slowly start implementing these paid ads. Meaning we can gather data and hone the ads without using a crazy budget, then when we’ve got it right we can ramp up the spend to suit the amount of work Gavin wants to come in.

We’ve recently begun Google Pay Per Click campaigns and Facebook Ads, then LinkedIn ads will follow shortly. These ads were shown to specifically targeted demographics, but they are also shown to both new and previous visitors that Gavin has had across all of his platforms, including his website and social media.

This is called Retargeting, where those who have visited Gavin’s website and his social media channels at any time are also shown his ads. This is because they have a proven interest in his services, so he is able to continue to promote his services to them while they are scrolling social media or visiting other websites. Someone typically needs to see your product between 6 to 12 times before they make a buying decision.

Ever notice when you’ve been looking to buy jeans on your favourite fashion website or cordless drills your favourite DIY website – ads for these products suddenly appear all around your social media and the websites you visit?

Imagine it was YOUR ads reaching people who have shown an interest in your products or services!

We will also begin regular email marketing campaigns to previous customers, existing customers and those who have filled out his enquiry form. Now that we have these lists compiled we can promote additional services, encouraging those who may be on the fence to get a quote, or encourage Gavin’s existing customers to buy again, or ask them to recommend their friends and family.


We began a paid marketing campaign across Facebook and Google Ads some months ago. Gavin in now getting leads across paid ads, social media, traditional marketing and word of mouth referral in the region of 100 enquiries per week (37 being a daily record). Here are the numbers:

Enquiries Per Week

Members of staff, up from 2

Unit size increased by 4x

Number of times Gavin increased his prices to manage demand and match similar landscapers

Road going Vehicles up from 2, not including a new tractor, digger, dumper and other heavy plant machinery

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