Go from tradesman to business owner, managing your team and customers from your phone.

Become the person that works because you can, not because you have to.

Create an asset that supports your family and leaves a legacy.

Get the edge on your competition and get paid.

Running any business is tough…

At the best of times you just want to be doing the kind of work you’re good at, and getting paid what you deserve.

The bigger picture is getting you off the tools completely, where you get up every day to manage your customers and your team. Working a different kind of hard for you and the ones you love.

The reality is you get pulled in all sorts of directions that you don’t either have the time, inclination or expertise for, including:

⏰ Customers
⏰ Team management
⏰ Accounting
⏰ Pensions
⏰ Insurance
⏰ Cashflow
⏰ Invoicing
⏰ Chasing payments
⏰ Payroll
⏰ Advertising
⏰ Social Media
⏰ Website
⏰ Google presence
⏰ Email
⏰ Print
⏰ Requesting reviews

….all while doing the actual graft and keeping your head straight.

Things fall through the cracks or you put them off, and you don’t have time to set goals because you’re in the middle of it all.

Then adding the toll a trade takes on your body over time, making sure your physical health takes a pounding as well as mental exhaustion.

I’ve been working with trades FOR over 10 years

…and got some pretty amazing results along the way:


“I was put in touch with Graeme through a friend who also has work done by him. He seemed to get what I was trying to do right away. I had a poor experience with a previous marketer that never really achieved any results, but as soon as Graeme revamped everything I noticed enquiries coming in – like something just needed to click in place. My marketing is unrecognisable from before!

I’ve been working with Graeme a few years now, but the biggest challenge was during COVID, where I asked him to create a new locksmith business, so I could continue as an essential service. This business was flying and is now a completely separate entity in it’s own right that generates income, even though we are now back open on the building side.

We recently ran a new campaign, specifically pushing all kinds of extensions. The response has been fantastic, receiving several leads weekly. The weekly call really helps stay focused on what I’m trying to achieve and not to get caught up working in my business. I can’t thank him enough!”


“My marketing was all over the place; random posts on social media, throwing money at a website that didn’t really work – so I contacted Graeme for help. Wow.

He took over my social media, revamped my website and created ads to target the clients I wanted. Since Graeme revamped the website I’ve had more enquires than I did in the 4 and a half years of running it previously. On Monday we had 12 enquiries alone!

The weekly call that is part of the whole service is invaluable as it allows me to bounce ideas off an independent person outside of the business, but who also understands the workings of it …and if it’s rotten he’ll tell you!”

In fact, since Gavin wrote that around a year ago he’s now getting leads across Paid Ads, Social Media, Traditional Marketing (print etc.) and word of mouth in the region of 100 enquiries per week (37 being a daily record). Here are the numbers:

Enquiries Per Week

Members of staff, up from 2

Unit size increased by 4x

Number of times Gavin increased his prices to manage demand and match similar landscapers

Road going Vehicles up from 2, not including a new tractor, digger, dumper and other heavy plant machinery

You can start from £200 per month for a basic package, which can grow into additional services – but only as you grow.

You can also cancel at any time.

Send me some details if you’d like to work together

But you don’t need to become my client to start that journey

(plus I can only take on so many clients to control the quality I can deliver)

You can build it up, bit by bit, with guidance, direction and accountability.

That’s why I created the Whatsapp Group called 🛠️🚀 Off The Tools”.

In the group I’ll be posting messages and videos every day:

✅ Taking note of your plan, your goals and keeping you motivated and accountable.

✅ Finding out what you are best at and focussing on it.

✅ Giving you the strategies I use.

✅ Telling client stories about what works well.

✅ Social Media posting templates (just fill in the blanks).

✅ Answering questions via video.

✅ Marketing advice including: Website, Google presence, Social Media, Advertising for the likes of Facebook and Google, Email Marketing and Print.

✅ Reminding you to send invoices, look after your accounts, pensions, insurance and admin.

✅ Advice on how to grow the right way.

✅ Advice on managing your team.

✅ Looking after your mental health.

✅ Who are you are listening to and taking advice from? Surrounding yourself with goal orientated people.

✅ My interviews with clients and those who have successfully got off the tools.

You can have the alerts on your phone to keep you accountable or you can mute them and visit when you make the time each day.

About Me

I run a business doing all of this day in, day out for my clients.

I have clients large and small, worldwide.

Successes include:

Tripling the online sales of one of the UK’s biggest flooring suppliers inside 3 months.
✅ Transforming the digital marketing of one of the UK’s biggest Solar Energy manufacturers.
✅ Managing the digital presentation of my city’s “European Green Capital” bid.
✅ Pioneering one of the world’s biggest engineering companies’ online sales toolkits.

While running my businesses I now mentor aspiring and existing business owners on how to grow their business, make more money, find ideal clients, have more time, less stress and hold them accountable every step of the way!

I even wrote a book about it…
(available on Amazon for paperback and kindle 😂)

But it wasn’t always this way…

Me 10 years ago doing Fencing & Decking to keep my business afloat

(If it looks like I’m not cut out for a trade you’d probably be right! I’m much better at what I do)

I know how tough it is to run a business and I know what it takes to do whatever you can to make it work. I also know what it took to get off the tools in my own marketing business and only do the work I specialise in.

It’s safe to say I don’t need to do fencing and decking any more, because I now know what it takes and how to build the business you want.

⛔ Never have business work dry up.
⛔ Never need to go hat-in-hand for work or worry about not winning a quote.
⛔ Avoid having to work on the tools later than you had ever planned.

✅ Be a business owner that only manages their team and customers.
✅ Get up every day with goals and know exactly what you need to do.
✅ Get paid and create something of value that sets you up for life.

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