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Awesome Academy

Launching Late 2015!

This online training was inspired from work I do in both running my Internet Marketing company and helping out in my local community as a director of the charity First Steps Future Training.

Originally the charity provided construction industry related courses, helping the most vulnerable young adults in our society develop the skills they need to get a job or an apprenticeship. I asked if there was anything like this centre for Internet Marketing training. There was a definite “no” in response. I left and had a think about it. Naturally, I thought about the internet side of things and how I could leverage that to help more people around the world in a similar situation given the ease of teaching Internet Marketing using video. So I decided to create The Awesome Academy.

Now, at time of writing, I’ve already begun my training to become a qualified instructor at the training center. Delivering internet marketing training to these young adults in a purpose built classroom environment; from basic IT skills, to web design, to social media and beyond!

Having seen the progress made by these young adults after a bit of training and instilling belief, it literally changes the whole direction of their lives! I want to do the same for anyone looking to learn my industry, locally and around the world.


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February 27, 2015