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Scottish SME Directory


“Our ability to promote prosperity and jobs depends on the performance of our businesses – both large and small”
– Scottish Government Economic Strategy

The Scottish SME Directory provides a comprehensive online resource, enabling users to find local SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) for all the services they require.

An SMEs size often allows for a more personalized and tailored approach, where the customer is not just seen as another number.

Additionally, and importantly during these difficult times, SMEs can frequently demonstrate better value for money. Despite this, limited marketing budgets can mean that many SMEs remain under the radar when consumers are looking for goods and services, especially in a world where billion dollar search engines hold the power to decide who ranks on the internet. More often than not it’s those with the funds who grab hold of a spot on the coveted front page or appear at the forefront of other marketing mediums. Those with the most money command the loudest voice.

This is where the Scottish SME Directory comes in. We want a directory of good, sustainable businesses that provide quality services to our users. Our core aim to offer its visitors a wider choice. We assist in levelling the playing field, allowing the SMEs of Scotland to compete in a platform where previously they may not have been. You get to advertise your business and receive exposure to customers who you may currently be missing out on!

We have no premium listings, and we’re exclusive to SMEs. Everyone pays the same monthly fee, and in turn has the same opportunity to win business. This empowers visitors to make a choice, allowing them to clearly identify which service suits their needs.

Our vision is that all consumers and businesses in Scotland use this resource as their first point of call when searching for business services and to be aware of the different options available to them.

Choosing local providers helps boost your local economy, regenerating and building sustainable communities and also help keep and create jobs.

More exposure means more leads, more leads mean more opportunities to win business and more business means more opportunities to expand and grow and we look forward to being able to assist you with this.

Finally, don’t be a stranger! If you have any other questions:

Please call 0800 130 0322

or email

….and we will try and assist any way we can.

We look forward to you joining the Scottish SME Directory community!


Posted on

February 27, 2015